Today and tomorrow, wellness and your healthy life style.

I tell these stories to relate that these experiences set the stage for my healthy life style to bring me to the age of seventy and beyond with health and stamina. Married to a physician and being the mother of six children raised my awareness of healthy foods and life practices. Also my experiences in living overseas pointed up in a real way that sometimes the American lifestyle has its short-comingsof junk food and the couch potato mentality is dangerous and leads to the obesity that men, women and now children face. In Lebanon and Greece townsfolk were outdoors playing soccer , dancing on the village green, and hiking the wilderness of their beautiful country. Even in Saudi Arabia the weekends are spent on family picnics. So if you watch TV watch an exercise show. Better yet get off the couch.

I take no medications, just vitamins and supplements. I walk sometimes as much as ten miles, when the weather permits. I have studied and have degrees in health related subjects. I am a retired teacher and taught the human body, anatomy, physiology and am a certified health teacher. When my beloved Rifaat came down with cancer, I would fight it by researching the body’s needs and supplements that could reverse this scourge. The Mediterranean diet proved to be the best at healing and restoring. Certainly it was his favorite cuisine. That reminds me. That final week, in the hospital, his room was provided with a television. As I prayed and talked about our lives’ stories who can explain this? The TV received Lebanese television and he was swept away to his homeland in spirit. As a man who lived his faith I know that he is with his savior now.file_000-7

That research became the hallmark of my family. Three of my children work in health care. One daughter-in- law has a degree in hospital administration, another works in the health food industry. She ran the local farmers market and accredits me with inspiring her to seek healthy food alternatives.

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