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Health Care rally
Health Care
Image by twbuckner
Fighting to fix a broken system
Health Care Now Rally
NC State Capital grounds

Affordable Health Care
Health Care
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Health Care
Image by tedeytan
Arguments at the United States Supreme Court for Same-Sex Marriage on April 28, 2015

Published in GSU Professor: Same-Sex Marriage Bans Harmful To Children | WABE 90.1 FM

Published in The Black & White » Q&A with Doug Hallward-Driemeier: top lawyer in Supreme Court marriage equality case

Published in What Marriage Equality Would Mean For The Economy | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Published in Fulton Probate Judges Prepare For Same-Sex Marriage Ruling | WABE 90.1 FM

Published in With Sadness: A Letter from Mark Tercek | The Nature Conservancy

Published in State Legislature aims to head same-sex marriage off at the pass | Michigan Radio

Published in 4 Ga. Mayors Sign Supreme Court Brief In Support Of Gay Marriage | WABE 90.1 FM

Published in A History of Marriage Equality in the United States | Out Magazine

Published in How SCOTUS Rulings On Marriage, Health Care Could Affect Hoosiers | Noon Edition – Indiana Public Media

Published in États-Unis: la Cour suprême autorise le mariage pour les couples homos dans tout le pays | Yagg

Published in U.S. Supreme Court Affirms Same-Sex Couples’ Right to Marry | L.A. Weekly

Published in…

Published in You Don’t Have to Like #MarriageEquality to See That It’s Right –

Published in Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal Everywhere in the US

Published in UB community reacts to Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage equality ruling – The Spectrum

Published in Echoes. We’ve Been Here Before: Marriage and the Room of Tears. Published 6/30/2015

Published in A Word Of Warning To My Fellow Christians About Same-Sex Marriage | Zack Hunt

Published in Movie About Marriage Equality SCOTUS Case Already in the Works | Out Magazine
Ted Eytan | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Published in Despite marriage equality ruling, LGBTQ Alaskans can still be discriminated against

Published in After Obergefell, Anti-Discrimination Becomes Activists’ New Target | Brown Political Review

Published in Here Are The Top US Cities For LGBT Rights : LIFE : Tech Times

Published in The Supreme Court Says Alabama Has to Recognize a Gay Mom’s Child Custody Rights | VICE | United States

Published inFederal judge strikes down Florida’s same-sex marriage ban after resistance from state officials | Blogs | Orlando Weekly

Published in États-Unis : 95 auteurs du Mississippi s’engagent contre une loi anti-LGBT

Published in Boston University School of Law Associate Professor of Legal Writing Discusses North Carolina’s New Transgender Law | BU Today | Boston University

Published in Obama Administration Working to Protect Transgender Students | WFUV

Published in Listening to the Queer Archive — a conversation with Marion Wasserbauer | OUPblog

Published in The darker side of marriage — Medium

Published in Nommer nous-même ce qui nous fait violence | Ricochet

Published in LGBTQ Community Now ‘Most Likely Target of Hate Crimes’ in America | Alternet

Published in Florida Advocate Challenges Trump’s Statements On LGBTQ People | WFSU

Published in Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Law Protecting Opponents of Gay Marriage | Complex

Published in Transgender Inmate Sues Department Of Corrections Over Hormone Therapy | WFSU

Published in Grindr wants tech people to combat LGBTQ inequalities | TechCrunch

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Published in LGBTQ community rallies around #TransLawHelp to get trans people legal services before Trump takes office – GeekWire

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