My Point of View

Point of View

Dear readers, I have come here to share wisdom and insights and a few interesting ideas from my point of view. I’ve traveled all over the country and lived overseas in various countries most of my life. My white hair speaks of my experience. The ring I wear is from my college and exemplifies the great education I’ve had throughout my life, to this very day. My first area of study was health and I am a certified health teacher with a Masters in Teaching. I worked at Harvard and at the University of Michigan in the field of Genetics.

English: Olives in olive oil.

English: Olives in olive oil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life teaches you what your interests will be. Raising my children overseas, their health and well-being was of course my number one priority. So my thoughts turned to nutrition. This is a field we can all wrap our minds around. We learn to avoid bad habits like sugar and bread and to incorporate healthy choices, plant based proteins sometimes, smart carbs and fats like coconut oil and olive oil into our meals. I learned the Mediterranean lifestyle and ways of food preparation because I lived it. When my husband Dr Rifaat Dagher became ill with cancer, I tried so hard to find the right food that could restore him to health. In retrospect so many things I could have done would have made him more comfortable. Don’t let me here in retrospect I could have done better, now is the time to do it. He ate too much red meat, not because he was born into that diet but he thought his success deserved the reward of juicy steaks. In the same way, some think sodas or desserts are a treat they deserve, but fruits and nuts are way better. You deserve the best, Right. So let this be a forum of the best ideas we can come across for ways to live now with our diets and our exercise. I know I’m not fond of those words but they can easily translate into delicious food that makes us feel better and all the fun of country line dancing and pilates with your samba teacher. Woohoo. Don’t miss it. Sante or as the natives say, “sahatain.”