Harvard Medical School

English: Harvard Medical School

English: Harvard Medical School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After graduation from Emmanuel College I continued working at Harvard Medical School for Dr Sidman and Dr Jean Rebeiz. I was studying the HY gene in the genetics of the mouse and muscle enervation tissue slide preparations. In November of 1966 I met Dr Rebeiz’ friend Dr Rifaat Dagher, newly arrived from Lebanon, who was getting a degree in Immunology. Rifaat had graduated from University of Beirut , Lebanon with a degree in General Surgery. He planned to go on to the University of Michigan to specialize in Urology. Thus began our courtship. Dr Rebeiz was my boss. He came from Lebanon and spoke French. He was a dear man, a caring matchmaker and I ended up dating his best friend for a year. We met at Harvard Medical School and I asked Dr Rebeiz about his friend, Dr Dagher, I hadn’t caught the name. Rifaat? Later that week I asked if Dr. Rifaat wanted to spend Thanksgiving with my family? After that we started dating.

Do you have a special attachment to this part of Boston? Some of its charm includes the Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum and the Art Museum. The Fenway and it’s lovely river. All part of the green necklace designed by Olmsted. Have you been there?


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